Saturday, August 25, 2007


Last Sunday,i decided to drive to Putrajaya to watch the Fireworks Competition.But then leh,that day was the Team Global day which means,the frie works is only for less than 10 minutes.(i think around 5 minutes only).Haiz,all the way there and watch for 5 mins nia.Damn bo kah muan.

The only fireworks picture that actually look like fireworks.(camera cacat and also tak dak skill).

Smart for 2 skinned with the competition poster.

After the fireworks,we went chiak hong around putra jaya and took pictures of the nice nice buildings.
View from the jabatan to PICC.


The dunno wat punya builidng.But itzz so nice.

The Mosque and the PMz office.

The Video of the fireworks(Dun Mind The Conversation)

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