Friday, July 27, 2007

Hokkien Lesson 2

(Cikgu Itchy STORM into Ah Beng Jr's class with a bunch of Nerdy prefects)


(Cikgu Itchy sau tow fong that Ah Beng Junior had been selling cigarettes in school)
After checking every millimeter of the class...........,

Head prefect:Sir,apa rokok pun tak dak....and ah beng junior very lansi,he told me rokok he dun have but pokok outside got alot.

Cikgu Itchy:Hey Beng Junior,you sure u nv bring rokok to sell ar?Dun think ur daddy Tai kor i scared u har.Ur dad only dare to cari pasal in cinema only wan.

Ah Beng Jr.:Dun have la sir.Dun belief u check la.I strip to teh ko let u check also can.By the way watzz so wrong with smoking and selling ciggers?My mom alwayz sing me this song to me 1.

(Ah beng Jr Starts singing)

Cikgu Itchy:SWTTTT!!! NONSENSE.Remember dun bring rokok to school anymore.Next time u won't be so lucky.Thank you class,you may be sitted.

Siu Hoonkee si ui tiok siu chu bee,
Beh Hoonkee si ui tiok cho seng li,

Bao bei oi tiok sia tai chi,
Eh pian ka hia li si,
Chit pao hoonkee ki ka goh koh si,

Ooo sium wa ti seh kan kui chap ni,
Siu hoonkee si goon tau eh tai chi,
Ai siu , Mai siu
Luang ma si tiok kua luang chu gi,
Siu hoon wa pun kia,
Bo chi ko ka kia,

Hoon kee si wa eh si mia.

Smoke cigerrates is for the coolness/cuteness,
Sell cigerrates is because of buisness,
Because wan to solve the problem,
Changes on today,
1 box of cigerrates rise to TM5.40,
I lived in the world for a few 10'zz of years,
Smoking is my/pplz punya problem,
Wan to smoke,Dun wan to smoke,
It depends ur own 'chu gi'( i dunno watz that,i assume itzz attitude)
Smoking I also scared,
No money i lagi scared,

Cigerrates is my LIFE.

(My translation maybe wrong,pls correct me if u found any mistakes,this hokkien is too deep for me)

P.S. You all knoe why Cikgu Itchy and the prefects cannot find any ciggies on Ah Beng Jr??Because got a prefect named AH BOO already help ah beng keep liau.Hahaha.AH BOO,ur secrets is revealed


Rabbit said...

And i thought u are the ah boo? Not u ah? =P

Rabbit said...

by the way, "chu gi" means "ownself", or we call it "ka ki". =P

Norman Ng said...

Cis, kenot listen pulak...
Stupid UM library no speaker...

ItchyHandseng said...

rabbit:I'm not ah boo la.Only u call me that.haha.Chu gi not teeth meh?

norman ng:bring ur own head phone la

Norman Ng said...

no driver la...
they remove the damn driver for the sound card. Damn~!

[ jN ] said...

ps. my comp also cannot hear the song..??