Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Itchyz Birthday Dinner

Yahoo,itchy is 1 yr younger dee....................i wish.Haiz sudah lah old now must add another year to my 21 years i collected so far.SO this yr 22 liau.By the way,i didn't had a big bday celebration this yr compared to my 21st.Only dinner with family and supper with friends.haha

After seeing this pic,i dun have to tell u'll where i went for dinner dee hor?

Hmm i thought i so lucky la,can get free starter.And u knoe wat starter they give me......

The super kiam punya 'heh bee' haha.
The interior design(Nth better to do while waiting for my food)

After waiting for quite some time,the first main dish came.See la my mom so hungry dee,cannot wait for me to take picture also.(the whole plate's finish within 5 minutes)

Why is this guy trying to burn my food?Oi dun make it chau hui ta har

The second main dish,dunno watzz it called.(Waited for half an hour after the 1st one finished)

Mussels.We called it 'thun' in hokkien.Bigger version of lala.
Last and the least,my pathetic birthday cake.haha.At least i dun have to share it with other ppl la :P


Rabbit said...

Eh i also went MFM last week! And I too got that kiam heh bee!

Wah u order lobsters ah. O_O nice boh?

aL said...

itu kan banana chocolate from secret recipe?!


ItchyHandseng said...

rabbit:Where got lobster?not that rich ahha.Prawn only

al:Yeapz u're right haha.