Sunday, August 19, 2007

Badminton World Championship(Round 2)

Last Wednesday,I went to Bukit Jalil to watch the Badminton World Championship.My first time watching a badminton tournament live.Usually i will be watching it infront of my tv.

The Super Big Shuttlecock

"Oi Taufik,bangunla" thats wat i heard from the supporters when i was there.The fanz was supporting him till the last point when they suddenly started to cheer for the indian player

Hafiz Hashim.Losing at first until he kena booed by the fanz.But in the end lose at 3rd round also.Haizzz

The Unsupporting Demmark player,Mr Molly.Kena yellow card that day.Padan Muka.And kena kicked out by our Malaysian pair in the 3rd round.

Malaysianz Women doublez from KLRC club.Lim phek sia(former national player) and the other 1 forget the name.Lose that day to(See below)

Demmark women doublez

Sony Ericsson Dwi Koncuro.Send our number 1(Lee Chong Wei) pair out in the 3rd round.Sobzz

Malaysianz favourite pair.KKK and TBH.But then they lose at the Quarterfinals.

The Satria Neo and the Gen2 or persona,displayed at the court

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