Monday, August 20, 2007

Malaysian Food Festival (Tutti Fruits)

Last Friday,went to watch Rush Hour 3 at 1 utama with Jason,Jia Hou and Norman.Haha.I'm abit outdated in movies nowadayz,too busy to go to the cinema.Oh by the no spoilers,so dun stop reading here :)
To me rush hour is good although some of my friends told me is okok only.I like the part when the sifu goes 'I am Yu and He is mi'(Not spoiler:already in preview)

After the movie,we went downstairs and bump into the Malaysian Food Festival exhibtion.Since my camera is with me at that time,my itchy hands decided to snap a few interesting pics for my itchy blog
This whole house and garden is build with Malaysia's fruit.Got Mango,Langsat,Watermelon,Rambutan,Ciku and lots more.The ants going to have a big feast that nite.

Fruit Carving,This watermelons is too pretty to be eaten.

There is this fruit craving competition held at the time also.So we get to watch the sifuz carve the fruits LIVE.They are so skilled.

The hasil kerjazz of the participant.

So Ladies,would u rather received this(see below) on valentines day...
......OR this???


-sHaN sHaN- said...

Wah get to see learn tiok anyting?? next time can carve for ur gf d...the house and garden very nice la...hw i wish to be there at that moment...lolx...

ItchyHandseng said...

Haha Learn tiok nth la.They compete only,nv teach how also.haha