Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Photography Class

My Photography Class in UM

For the first few lesson of the class,i actually taught i ended up in the wrong class.Why leh?Because go class alwayz call us DRAW only.Not even a single photo taken.(Pic above is Jia Houz masterpiece)

This picture taken by me while waiting for the alwayz late punya lecturer.My ex-roomate.Leng chai MOU?

Last week,My lecturer brought his 18k punya photography equipment to class.So we had fun playing a fool with it.

The lecturer busy teaching the girls only.Haha.:P

The flash is super bright and turned my ex-roommate into a ghost liau.Haha.

This is my cincai do and rejected punya project(for hari KO-K).One of my coursemate say i turned UM in to a vehical dealer company dee.hahaah.

My 2nd project.No complains so far.But itzz not final yet.Any suggestion on how to improve it?

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