Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Some Interesting Statement

Last week,the first week of my Semester,i heard quite a number of interesting statement from interesting ppl that i do wish to share with all of u.

1)"I do not teach by reading ONE word by TWO word from my notes"
Haha,this 1 is from 1 of my lecturer.Not going to reveal his/her name,later i kena buang Uni pulak.Not to say my English is good or anything(in fact my enggerish is very the teruk) but i haven't come across sentence like this before.Me and my coursemate hampir ketawa when he said that.

2)"I do not wish ppl to NOT ABSENT from my class"
From the same lecturer.Yippie!!!! so now i can ponteng my class and the lecturer can be happy about it too.

3) "My eyes are different from people.Normal ppl see many beautiful things of the WORLD.All i see are Numbers"
This 1 is from one of my weird special course mate.He'zz a very weird guy who can talk to himself in public.I didn't hear this myself, 1 of my friends told me.

4)Weird guy:My mom told me I'm bad in socializing.But i know I'm not.To prove it,I'm talking to u right now
Stranger:SWT!!.................................(Walk away FAST FAST)
Same person as #3.Once i heard him screaming because he get an A for a small test which 80% of the class did get A to.Dunno why is he so happy also.

5) "Its Hard to be Easy and Easy to be Hard"
Heard it from a super boring saminar.This is from a Forestry guy.Think about it and lets get it easy by being HARD.

P.S. Coming up next.Pulau Paya part2


CY said...

1) One by two = 1/2 = half a word!

2) ...NOT!

3) Let's hope he doesn't multiply :P

4) Wait till his mum wants a grandson.

5) I think the speaker is saying it's easy to give a technical explanation, but hard to explain in a way the layman can understand.

jia hou said...

#1 its a code....haha maybe its like this:
lets say the word "vege"...we pronounce it in one sound but maybe the lecturer need to pronounce it like this:"ve" "ge"

#2 its a powerful statement.....i hope my lecturers said that too....

#3 no comment.....hes future mathematician....and human nenek moyang

#4 again.....it doesnt help him looked normal.....

#5 actually is talking bout exam(maybe)....

its hard to be easy = student find it very hard to do the question in an easy way.....

its easy to be hard = lecturer find it damn easy to create hard question for students....


Des said...

i guess every lecturer is the same wan in UM

no wonder it sounds like the ones i''ve heard in my class as well!!

damn UM!

baby sa said...

HAHA!funny funny lecturers sekalian...
I shall copy down the statements so I might get to use them in the future..
"I only see music notes in my world..."lolz

Dragon Head said...

hehehe.. no comments on the freakinglish of the lecturers.. hey i linked u... can u pls link me 2??? thanks!!!

ItchyHandseng said...

1)Explains Half aword?haha Means class ends after a few seconds right?Yeah
3)I wish.
4)haha.Lets hope his mom dun wan any grand child

2)i hope every lecturer use that
5)Very true

Des:haha.Who call us to study in University Monyet?

baby say:U going to be a lecturer?Music lecturer? haha

dragon head:Surezz,soree har,forget to link u.