Sunday, July 22, 2007

Pulau Paya Part 2

As promised this is Pulau Paya part 2,although it came quite late.hehe Soree for that.Was busy with Uni stuff and my games :P

The Platform view from the island.Nth much to see up in the platform,the beautiful stuff is below it.
Fat Itchy getting ready to SPLASH in the sea.

Posing with the roti.Haha.Janice brought 2 loaf of Loti to feed the fishes.Must feed till fat fat then only can catch back to cook ma.Ikan panggang anyone?

Told the fish to LINE UP,but they see my face so innocent and easy to bully,so they started to fight and berebut-rebut.Sigh!

To me,there was only 3 types of fishes there,The big ,The medium and The small ones.haha.I'm a fish Noobzzz.
Besides fishes,there was also lots of crap...........Oppzz i mean crabs.Lunch Time.The food wasn't too good,but all of us are super hungry that time.See Jason enjoying his food so much.hehe.

The one and only BARAH punya KUDA there.haha.I dunno how to spell itzz name.Kesian him,so lonely only,got no friends also.
Wanster trying to catch the Barracuda
This is the shark feeding 'show'.Who wanna be feeded to the SHARKS??? THE END(Guyzz:Soree no bikini girl pics taken)


SeeWhyAsAN said...

*whistle whistle* ah seng sexy lo on top.. hehehe.. d fishes didn't masuk ur teh koh ah!!

baby sa said...

why no bikini girls pictures???
i am so disappointed:(

bloomingtree said...

wow... good times. good times.

ItchyHandseng said...

Chris:no lah,they more interested in the bread,too scared of my snakes

baby sa:haha U wan see bikini girls for wat?u wear bikini then look at the mirror can dee.

bloomingtree:Yea....sadly the good times is so short.

CY said...

No bikini pics?! Unforgivable!

ItchyHandseng said...

cy:SWT haha .Go see for urself.LIVE