Saturday, July 7, 2007

Pulau Paya Part 1 (The Journey there)

Soree guyz for taking such a long time to update.Had been very busy this few dayzz.Sad to say i'm bak to kl and have to go through my boring kl uni life again after 2 months of break.Haizzz.

Enuff of sad stuff.This post is on my 1 day trip to Pulau Paya.Lets get the pictures rolling.Jeng Jeng Jeng.

The penang Jeti clock tower.I'm shocked that itzz working,the last time i saw it,it was DEAD.The time showz 7.45 and Jonathan and Chun Hoong still not here.(Suppose to board the boat at 8)
JantanAli already mengamuk dee hehe.By the way JantanAli is short for Janice Tan Ai Li.Dun tell her i teach u this.She will beat me to death.

The boat to P.Paya.Can move quite fast,but not as fast as the Black Pearl.

Chun Hoong and Jon enjoying the seats.The guy at the background is Jason aka Jlshyang.

Itchy and Jon.Aiks i can't open my eyez,the babes opps i mean Sun is too hot and bright.
The nice wave made by the Boat.The black asap potong stim betul.

Wan Yean aka Wanster trying to be patriotik.Saya Anak Malaysia.*Thatz a weird flag*After being patriotik,he turned into a poser.haha.Wattodo,Freezzz like to pose 1 :P

Last pic of the day,2 ah mo getting ready to make out in public.haha.:P

Soree guyz.Part2 won't be out so soon since i left my pics in Penang.Haizz.Will post it up as soon as possible.If u tak sabar sabar,u can go to Jasons blog to check his pics.


miChi3 said...

macam sangat enjoy..=p
i want souvenir!

SeeWhyAsAN said...

make out in public.. COME TO LONDON.. they're every, in the underground, bus stop, road side, cafe, restaurant, malls, park(sleeping & ya no) and etc.. ganas....
haha.. jantanali.. i m so gona use that against her.. plus... i'll add tat seng taught me so.. muahahhahhahahahahaha

Dragon Head said...

eh.. i also wanna go la..
can tell me how long the trip ar?
got what at Pulau Paya and how muj ar??? waiting for ur second post k.. hehehe

Rabbit said...

Pulau Paya kat maner nih?

Des said...

the name jantan ali sudah lama pupus, and thanks to Ah Seng koko, she is back!


nice trip u have there!

see u around in KL dude

baby sa said...

Ya~~where is pulau paya?

ItchyHandseng said...

michie:There got no souvenir 1 la

Siu Ngee:U trying to murder me itzzit???

dragon head:I go 1 day only ar.Around Rm180.Not very worth it,but itzz ok la.

rabbit:Dekat Langkawi,in between,langkawi and penang

Des:haha She is so going to kill me,thank god i'm in kl.See u soon

baby say:ermmmm,refer above.

Wan Yean said...

hoi kasi gua gambar, especially gambar hensem saya