Friday, July 13, 2007

13th Malaysian Marching Band Competition

Last Sunday was the first time in 2 years,that i bertolak bak to KL from PG early in the morning.Reasonss???Because i rushing bak to kl to watch this band competition la. I dragged my cous along with me because i didn't knoe the way to bukit jalil .(Heard my aunt complaining about my cous needed to study for her spm :P)

By the way,that day very sui,the very minute i park my car at bukit jalil,it start raining super heavily.My super big umbrella was not big enuff for 2 of us,by the time we reach the stadium,we're both WET.And u knoe wat????That stadium was the wrong 1,haha so had to go on the rain again.By the time we're at the correct stadium,imagine how basah dee la.

Here are some pictures i took from the event.Most of them were blur,since we sit quite far away,and i was shivering from the cold and wetness.

Chung Hwa Wei Sin.Won second place and had a very interesting Drum major.Best DM in my opinion but not for the judges.

Not very sure of this,but i think itzz SamTet from Ipoh.Very interesting concert block/static position.

Penangz Jit Sin Band.This shape look kinda of like a pear to me.hehe

Still Jit Sin!!!The 1 eyed SMILEY.

The Champs,Sultanah Asma.Well deserved Victory.(1st pic:concert/static,2nd pic:Dunno wat shape)
Mgs Pahang.At first glance i thought they were Guyzzz.They look so manly in their uniforms.

Tun Fatimah

Victoria Institution.I expected more from them.Good show though.And their Supporters Suxx to the max.
This is the video i of the champ i curied from YouTube.Have fun watching.



-aH sHaN- said... kesian ar...
so worth it anot??
sultanah asma was great...

ItchyHandseng said...

WORTH IT haaa.
Yeah sultanah Asma very the kheng.

Michelle said...

Good words.