Sunday, November 4, 2007

Itchy Box-Oh Why(composed by itchy)


Came back from a sickening test
Spoil my mood and my wish to rest
Hold me back,from all the fun i planned
to do after the test,

Right before the F#$%^&& Test
Sitting at the last row Desk
Studying Hard,and not like i am
busy playing chess

Oh Why You,have to do this, to ur students
a week before their hols
Are you trying to remind us,itz bad to ponteng
the monte carlo course

Oh why you,have to wait,till this moment
to tell us we're bad
Why can't you just sent us off,
scold us there or bar us from our test

Nothing can be said or done,
Why not just go have some fun,
though u can't,ignore the 'machine gun'
from parents which is so mafan

See them u will have to run,
Go hide in the small jamban,
Stay in there,till ur parents wake
and ready go 'cho kang'

repeat chorus*

(My very first time writing a song.I knoe my composing skills and my piano playing skills is kinda of cha....But I would like to share it with my readers la.Ur comments (good/bad) will be very much appreciated)

P.S. i didnt sing it because my voice kinda suck,anybody free and kind enuff to help me sing ?


angelinemiss said...

omg coursemate.. u really post it a... hehehehe.... :P

Ricky Tan said...

this is one lovely song... btw, got ur link for ur coursemate angeline tan huay phing XD

Bell said...

The song is nice... did you really compose it? The lyrics are somewhat questionable though... so why are you not a music major if you can compose music like that?

sc_bone said...

the song is nice
the lyrics is err...... truthful from your heart (well, most writers write from their experience)

but when the two is brought together..
jiu.....err....ermm..... ehh.....
u know la.....

SeeWhyAsAN said...

yo seng seng boi!!!
good music...compose mo songs.. den can keluar a cd titles "SENGS SERENADE", SS!! good wan dude..
da lyrics... errr.. no comments... lolz!!

Norman Ng said...

nice melody~! I like it~!
you din sing how i noe how the wording is to go with the pace of the melody?