Friday, November 9, 2007

Sicko Comedian(For open minded ppl ONLY)

As usual,during exam season,i will entertain myself with a couple of songs while i'm studying.So this time,itzz this sicko comedian named Stephen Lynch.To me his songs are super funny and nice,but u need and open mind to appreciated it,if not he will sound like a F___king A__H___ to you.ENJOY.

SENSITIVE ppl pls do not click and for 18 and above only.

She gotta smile


Caught me


Voices in my head


jia hou said...

thats an ugly ass baby~~~~!!!!
and ur big fat fren~~~~
last night u caught me spanking it!!!
ur a gay no i not no u r a gay no i not ur a gay ok i m a gay.....

hahaha rofl lmao

ItchyHandseng said...

nice leh
i berjaya make so many ppl addicted d wkakakakaakz