Sunday, October 28, 2007


Last Sunday was My ex-roomate,Lala Kangz birthday :P
So we decided to go to the famous Yuen steamboat opposite Sunway Pyrimid.
Malangnya we're too late,the que was already so long and all of us are too hungry to wait dee.
*second time failed to eat there d*
So we settle in another shop located opposite YUEN.

SUMMER(Steamboat-ing is not hot enuff,the name must make it hotter still)
Pro Fish ball dropper,dropping fishball into the Boat
Birthday Boy busy eating
The food there was okok only.Full of fish ball only.And u dun get to BBQ the food urself.But the good thing is u get too SPAM other tables with food.Just have to find the clip with their table number and send the most undelicious food into the kitchen.The food will end up in their table after being BBQ-ed
Botak Chin the IceCream King
The birthday boyz hand language showz how good the food was d.And the Pork there is FREE.:P
After a super FULL stomach,we went to Asia Cafe to play Pool.The birthday Boy so pro,win everbody lo.
The noobs have to arrange Ball :P just jk
Botak Chin Pose(Better let him win,later he call his gang come kill u)