Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Art using Oranges Skin

Lion??no idea wat this is

Dragon!! Where to find green colour oranges?


Gold fish with small eyez

Dragon Vs Lion,who will win??


CarmenK said...

Buy green colored dye go rendam the oranges mia kulit ma can adi lo.


JJzai said...

they are all so damn cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i want to see them in real!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bell said...

The lion got pineapple! Of cos lion will win! HAHA!!

welovepenang said...

is so cute... another cute project after the potato...

i like it... thanks for the sharing.. just great...

Anonymous said...

they are pomelo's skin maybe? or grapefruits skin?

ItchyHandseng said...

carmen:swt,green colour dye pulak,i think itzz pamelo skin la

jj:me too,but i dunno where to see it

bell:why got pineapple then can win d leh

welove pg:wkakakaz thanx

annonymous:i agree