Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The most 'Chi Kek' themepark

Here comes the theme park to Kampung Itchy
Dragon boat.But i see no sea there.

The kiddie stuff looks real scary too
Chu Chu Train
Small car merry go round
Flying merry go round.(i wonder the rocket will really fly out a not)
The open cage ferris wheel
No idea what this is
Motorcycle merry go round
This 1 is the most chi kek ride
The safety less roller coaster
On trial run(Too make sure where exactly ppl will fall off)
Trials over,so anybody wan a free ride?
Respect those ppl who dare to try it.Here it goes,hold tight or become superman.
Get ready to FLY!!!!!
Ahhhhhhhhhh my hands slipping off!!!Phew!!! I'm safe.
So anybody wanna visit this theme park?'Better' than disneyland right?


Mango said...

Err, where's that?!

welovepenang said...

ya lor... damn geli.... really wan to go and open eye wide wide to capture everything.,....

Des said...

wah..where u get those roller coaster? death wish wan...

memang chi kek sekali

angelinemiss said...

walao.... got this CHIKEK mia thing didnt ajak me go c? apa ler coursemate ni... :P

ItchyHandseng said...

Mango:I have no idea

welovepenang:hehe,okay,just in cast u go,remember to bring ur own seatbelt

des:Like that more chi kek ma

Angeline:Takut u scared till pengsan and really fall out ma.So mah didn't call lo

iCalvyn said...

wow...the coaster high or not? how was the speed?

LaksaQueen said...

it looks damn syok!
me wan go!