Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Penang Choralffest

The first ever penang choralffest was held last sunday.Itchy was there(not singing of course,i sing like a duck 1) performing.Ermm the orchestra was to accompany the choir for 2 songs,which is less than 15 minutes.
The logo for this event so ugly.haha.Wrong choice of colour.
Me,ka jie and stephanie,picture taken after dinner,before the concert starts*aiks i look so fat*

Ping Hwa Choir(soree guyz,was sitting at the back,no pics to show their pretty faces)

Mgs Choir(*same here*)

The super duper small PFS choir.Somemore thatz including some guest singer already

The combine choir.Big?Therez more ppl

Super duper big combined choir.They lighting makes them look so scary.
Christine buat Cute after performing.hehe.

The group picture,taken during the interval of the event.

and herez a video of pcghs chamber choir.Can say the most interesting song sang that night.The 'chu chu train' song.Enjoy


Rabbit said...

Why u no go on stage and sing jek ah boooo? Sing Fei Ni Muo Shu mah! Keke!

ItchyHandseng said...

hahaha.I dunno how to sing la.U give me the pinyin lyrics la.