Monday, June 11, 2007

Apartment Stay

Last Friday and saturday,i went for apartment stay with my 'tai ka che' and her music club members.Forget watz the name of that apartment dee,itzz at the end of the road next to penang chinese swimming club.Had a hard time finding the place,and did set up some kind of 'exercise' for my ka che because of my blurness.

This is the apartment we stay at.Nice right?hehe.If i'm not wrong,itzz Rm 200 per nite.

The view from the girls apartment(upstairs).

After i unpacked my stuff,straight away took out camera and camwhore :P.Me,tai ka che and Qin wen(correct name hor?)

The beach.Hehe,this beach looks clean.At least got no sampah sarap.

Sunset.Nice leh.I alwayz get to see sunset only,because sunrise time i will be on my bed and still snoring when then sun shines my butt.After dinner,there is some competition between the guyz group and girlz group.This 1 is the acting part,the guyz suppose to act out some scenes in snow white.*the witch offered snow white some tuna instead of apples*
The girls pulak,was suppose to act out something from cinderella.haha.Instead of the romantic ball room dancing,this prince and cinderella dance hip hop pulak.
Camp fire.And bbq at the beach.hehe.Ate more sand then food,hehe,Dunno y the sand can fly up to the food 1.

Then there is more gamez.The game planner mr.(opps i dunno how to spell his name) on right 1.hehe.Busy explaning the rules in mandarin.*tak paham langsung*

A group pic before we go bak the next day.

Guess wat this is?????????????????? Any idea???????(tai ka che dun tell har)

Just before we went bak,we found that some body broke the kaki of the bed.Hehe.DUnno who so fat sleep till it breaks.*itz not Itchy okay*.Oo ya,and i found myself a new son,the 1 fixing the kaki hehe.His name is James,u can call him Itchy James :P


Rabbit said...

Ah booooo don bruff!! I know it was u who patahkan the bed!

miChi3 said...

soya bean?
what's that..=/

runawaycat said...

Yea yea always get to see sunset only. I can never make myself wake up just to watch sunrise. By the way we can see sunrise or sunset in teluk bahang dam?

Jonathan said...

James is ur wife number wat's son? =P

un-known said...

hey .. been a silent reader of ur blog .. the place's name is Stella Maris .. my family goes there every year for Christmas


ItchyHandseng said...

ah bitt:It wasn't me..:O(

michie:thatz cooking oil haha,somebody put it in the fridge

runawaycat:haha i have no idea.Use compass and check?

jonathan:ermm ermm with ur wife 1.haha jkjk

unknown:hello silent reader,thanx for reading.and also thanx for the place's name

ChrisYSN said...

nice sunset pic