Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Another Hokkien Poem

My mom showed me this poem she brought back from her office.hehe.I find it very funny and interesting.When u wanna break up with ur bf or gf can use this poem also.Somemore got 2 version,hokkien and english.Almost same meaning.(the colour part i make up myself,since my mom tak photostate habis)

Marriage of Yesteryear

Hak ku koh chah lang,
Kahwin chuei mui lang,
Bou than kakee keing,
Bei hiau u ai cheing.
Knia sai khui khee kin,
Balu khua tiouk bin.
Tong kim bou siang khuan,
Bou hoh peh bou kuan.
I love you,you love me.
Movies,parties,chin happy,
Kui jit luan ai tua jolly.
Tapi haku ei couple,
Ang pou ho ho bo trouble.
Bou siang thana ei siau lien,
Uu see luan ,uu see lien.
When kah each other khee sien,
Hong hiam sim knua chit eh pien.
Sui lang kia kakee loh,
Lu chua ang,wah chua boh.

Marriage of Yesteryear

In order to marry in the dayz gone by
A matchmaker's aid could not be denied
With Hobson's choice they wouldn't know what's in store
Neither did they knoe how to fall in love before.
Only when the groom lifted up the veil
Would then the bride's face tell a tale
But things are very different nowadays
For the parents now don't have much say
Today it's 'I love you' and 'you love me'
Young couples enjoy each other's company.
Movie going and partying so happily.
Romancing each other unreservedly
Yesteryear time couple,
Red packet big big no trouble.
Not like youngsters nowadayz
sometimes fight, sometimes okay
When get bored with each other,
Suddenly the heart sayz 'go no further'.
Each other walk their own way,
i find wife ,u find gay
P.S. If u dun understand the meaning of any hokkien words up there ,just ask itchy.


Rabbit said...

boooo!! Uik this time one manyak deep deep like that lah. I have to keep scrolling up n down looking at the english version mia. -_- maybe because ur hokkien and my hokkien different bah. =P

ItchyHandseng said...

Rabbit:Opps itzzit?Soree soree.the next 1 will be simple simple 1 .hehe(first time read also no understand)

seokyeng said...

U know your cousin here bo understand hokkien wan lah. =p

ItchyHandseng said...

Seokyeng:Thats y got the english part mar.hehe.Faster learn hokkien.

miChi3 said...

the hokkien part hard to understand..
I straight away read the english version first..=p

ItchyHandseng said...

michie:haha too chim dee i guess.

fattien said...

It should be more interesting with Hokkien. But I dun dunno Hokkien at all...lolz luckily got english translate.

seokyeng said...

Haha. Lazy arr. =p
I thought the last line is.. 'you find husband, i find wife'?

ItchyHandseng said...

fattien:Haha.this 1 is a bit too deep,me myself dun understand.Next time i put simply simply 1 so u can learn hokkien :P

seok yeng:it doesn't rhyme ma

ChrisYSN said...

dailou!! dun understrand d hokkien part at all.. cham cham

ItchyHandseng said...

chris:haha ban ban kaji then u will knoe

Bobo the Bimbo said...

Wah cool song!