Sunday, June 24, 2007

Pearl of orient!!!

Hmmm wat can i say about this bloggers meet??Hmmm itzz absolutely great.I get to meet so many bloggers there.I would like to take the opportunity to thank nuffnang for organizing such a wonderful event.

We love Nuffnang!!!

First of all i would like to introduce the food we ate at foodloft.

Wanster gets the camera warm up.Fish and chips
Super Fat bak tiau
Some chicken forget wat dee!!
We've decided to share our food,So this is how my main dish look like.

The first 2 person who said Hi to me.Mitchy and gillian.

Wanster,itchy,KennySia and jlshyang

Beware,itchy hands are contagious.See wat happen to Minny

Kenny Sia sexy bulu leg,Hezz auctioning his bulu kaki.
Chee Hsien:Opps i'm too fast

Itchy with coursemate

Me and Boss
Me and Wenqi
Guess wat wansterz is doing?
Black Shouterss Shoutbox 1 big happy family



Wan Yean said...

i was just licking my lips after a good slurp. i mean, a good meal.

CRIZ LAI said...

Dropping by from BlogWawasan Orient's Voice Attendance List to see how you are. But guess what...your blog is not in the list so I took the initiative to "korek" you out here...haha.

Hey I have your "leng zai" photo in my display. Nice knowing you after shooting your photo. I guessed I missed finding out how itchy you can be during the event. LOL

Anyway do keep in touch :)

ChrisYSN said...

fuiyoh..dat german sausage.. damn revolting.. hahahaha... wan yean!! sick sick!!! licking fat grose aunty's statue.. bluek!!!

Aaron Chua said...

I'm not a shouter.. lol~ I wasn't even there. Eh how come you attend every gathering huh? You know how to teleport? Can teach me how? lol~

Rabbit said...

everywhere i go i see food. -_- I am gonna die swimming in my own pool of saliva liow lah!

ming said...

nice pictures man!

baby sa said...

I saw wan yean secretly washed his fork in the lil river-.-

williamt said...