Friday, August 8, 2008

UM Convo-i'm not part of it YET :(

I dunno watz that thing called.Looks like a DMzz Mace only.

Anand@Leng Chai,Itchy and Ah booo (See how wet anand and itchy are =.=)

My Ex-roomieeeee.Lala Kang

Hahaa see this coursemate (Angeline) is like happier than my ex-coursemate(Boon Hui) who is graduating :P:P

My EX-
(lunch,dinner,supper,movie,pasar malam,pool,bowling,library,kap lui) temanz.

Lee Kian and Itchy

See everyone so happyy with their flowers and teddy bearsss(Itchy had to go back empty handed :-[ )

At least i get a set of chip and dale soft toy from blinkblinks, ermm i mean a picture of them
(blinkblink very kiamsiap :P:P)


[ jN ] said...

eyhh.. apa kiam siap..?
give you also considered good d lo..
SengSeng~~ complain byk sgt.. ishhh..

*berusaha menhotdogkan SengSeng*

ps. BlinkBlink manada ada "s" wann..
BlinkBlinks sound not nice liao..
BlinkBlink nicerr... xDD

ItchyHandseng said...

Haha Blink2 give me picture only,not considered kiam siap meh???
Hey hey i tot u say menghotdogkan sounds wronggggggggg :P:P

[ jN ] said...

eyh at least got pic k..
at least got somethin right..?
after all, thats wat you wrote as the caption wat.. xDD

ok lo.. dont hotdog liao lo..