Thursday, August 14, 2008

Pandazz Bdayyy!!

And we're back to out FAV place (Wong Kok) to Celebrate Birthdayz

Birthday Panda and Itchy
(Shezz too thin to be a panda rite?? wkak)

The reason we like to go to that place for bday
(Was refering to the pail of ice tea, nottt SHChien :P)

Birthday panda punishment
(Its not as fun and easy as it looks,She fainted after a few tries :/ )

So her guardian S.H.Chien had to help her
(and he did win himself an 'ultimate sucker' title)

Desperate Ham Sap lo #1
(Botak Chin)

Desperate Ham Sap Lo #2
(Looks like me,Sounds like me,but i'm SURE itz NOT me)

(Did i spelled it correctly this time ?)

The battle between the Ex-Roomiess

See how much fun the bday girl and her partner is having

We end our night with a game of snooker
(Ah yip posing for the camera)


miszmilk said...

ice tea! I miss mamak.

Haha, didn't know my cousin so *cough* hamsap haha.

Oh it's fOOsball :P

Des said...

wah bday so happening wan...until go wongkok and press the drawing's LOL

ItchyHandseng said...

Cous:Hamsap?? got meh got meh *acts innocent*

Des:Haha is there anything better to do in KL?wkakaka :P