Monday, August 4, 2008

Bday BBQ!!

Too Many 'Prozz',Waste my arang.They started a fire big enough to burn a house :)

The pro queen's guide showing us how to cook sausage :P

Daw:Daddy!! pls carry me

jN!!The chicken wings u suppose to come and eat!!

Satkuru,the 'indian friend' :P Don't be so tall can anot!!

My 'LOUSIEST' COursemate in uni!!!

See wat that coursemate and satkuru baught me!!!grrr
It sayz "you're on the naughty list"

Mine Ah chor chor!!! The 'oldest' person at my party wkakaka

Evidence of the flutist sleeping with everybody!!Those not there better becarefull,U're next on the list :P

1 of my best buds Mr J and my most favourite sis,Piggy Ying :)

The 'INE' SIsters.

My mom trying to put out the fire with VODKA wkakak :P

This is what happen when u drink 3 tins of carlsberg together with half a bottle of vodka.

And this is wat happen when u get drunk and screwed up my party :P:P js jk

The HAPPY birthday boy!!

P.S Had the best bday this yr.Would like to thank everybody,especially:

1)My parents for bearing all the cost and somemore have to help BBQ the food.

2)Dawson for being my cook.Make sure u dun get so drunk next time.:P

3)Jon my accountant

4)Those that change their plans/had to rush like mad, just to make it for the bbq.Thanks alot,very kam tung.Sorry for giving super late notices.

5)Thanks for all those great pressy

6)And thanks for all the hundreds of birthday wishes from everybody


Satkuru said...

wooohooooo. had fun at your bday ala bbq styled party. lol - nottie list some more, hahaha :P

[ jN ] said...

HahA.. now on the way taking-ing your [i mean MY] chicken wings.. xDD

remember to visit my blog to see the condition of the chicken wings aiite..?? =]]


ItchyHandseng said...

Satkuru:Hey indian friend :P:P Glad u had fun wkaka.U la,of all things buy boxers wkaka :P:P Thanx for coming ,and also thanks for ur shirt :)

[jN]:hahaha,i seee bonesss left.I tot u will eat them as well :P:P

tash said...

eleh. im the youngest. xD