Sunday, August 23, 2009

Itchy's Graduation

Last week was my long waited graduation day.Didn't have time to post this pics earlier because of my !@#$%^ long hours work.Anyways this is some of the pics which i took with my friends
(not much because i Graduated a year later)
Anand (The Guy who always let me copy his tutorail anwsers xPxP)

Api@Adrian Benjamin Lim@Pi Boy

Angeline @Lousy Coursemate


Ying Sing and Ming Zhen

My Cousin @ Jolene

My Moody Dad xP

Tired Itchy
Didn't know that Graduation day can be so tiring.

1 comment:

Adrian Benjamin Lim said...

It was tiring indeed...

It's finally over...sad's life in KL now?