Monday, May 18, 2009

Life Sucks

Hi All,

How long had it been that i haven't update my blog??
So long That i even forget my blog password.
Just to update my friends who still doesn't know,
I'm now working in KL.Wait let me rephrase that,
I'm now sold as a cheap labour in KL.Wakaka.
I had to work from 830 in the morning to 930 at night.
And the salary is not even attractive.And no OT.

I never like staying in KL even during my life as a Student
Working life in KL is worst.It make me a lifeless person.
Wake up--> Work--->Sleep
Don't even have time for anything else.

I don't even get to play my flute anymore.
Not like i'm good in it,but i really do enjoy playing it.
especially with all my friends in the orchestra.
I really do miss those times which i guess i will never have a chance to do that again =[
I miss you ppl in PG

Anyways i better get off to bed already before i get more stress up at work tml.
Don't mind my ranting =]
Hope the old Itchy will be back soon


[ jN ] said...

faster be more itchy then i wanna scratch..! x]
Cheer up..! got ME in KL..! :D
mish you loads~

Adrian Benjamin Lim said...

haiyo..kesian betul la Maths graduate UM ni...

I'm also still looking and WAITING most of the time..

Ying said...

Aww! miss u too!!!! lol...but if it makes u feel any better, it's possible for life to suck in Penang too..take mine for example :p

angelinemiss said...

lai! come back penang! :)