Saturday, May 31, 2008

UM friends in PG

*Delayed Post*
Sorry for not updating for so long,was kinda busy!! Dui Pu Qi!!

Jia Hou at Snake Temple

King Kong Boo vs Itchy Hand at Bukit Genting

Ah yips Pork Free wedding at Bukit Genting

Jia Hou and Ah yip cannot resist to grab Ghee Hiang'z baby's BALL

Lighthing the Candle at the Sleeping Buddhaz Temple

Teaching the fishes how to show the PEACE sign :)

The wishing pond!! Just have to throw a coin into 1 of those ..... ermm wat u call that??cup??

LOK LOK at Pulau Tikus

Last and the least................Seafood at TAMBUN (The Hea Korrr is delicioussss )

P.S. will upload the rest of the pics in my facebook soon :):)

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