Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Go Kart in IPOH

Lets Introduce The Drivers................
Itchy ShoeMikel

Boo ReckoNone

Yip Massa.....sudah time
Chian HAMILton

There is 1 more ganas driver back there (Botak Chin),the camera girl don't dare to go take his pic :P

Botak Chin gets angry and crash into SH Chian and then TERBABAS to the rumput area.

The Winner sungguh meLANSIkan

UM GiGzzz,don't play play ar

Consolation prize for the losers:a pic with the 'car model'


jia hou aka botak chin said...

Its an accident.....
HEY! i help you to collect money and end up like this wor~~~ pay my medical fee!

ItchyHandseng said...

no money pay for ur fee la
u haven't collect enough yet