Sunday, March 16, 2008

Konishiz Concert

Maestro Shimano(During rehearsal)
Viola section!!
Jer:Give me THAT!!

Hey give me bak my score:P

Jer:I'm so Yau Yeng

Grandma: wakakakaka yeaaa riteee!!!

This is wat u should do when some guy is giving boring speech on golf.
By the way anybody knoes wat is '69 on cow's back'??

Here comes our poser number 1: Kikzz

Poser Number 2: Alyssa

Back to Kikz

Casper:Don't take my photo.Can't let ppl knoe that i have 4 EARS


Finally a picture with Kesters face!!! Where is the other 2 earss??
Winds with a Violist!!..June!!should let the violist take the pic ma:P

P.S. For more pictures go to Alyssaz Facebook :)