Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentines Day with my KL Budz

Ah Boo fantasizing that hezz Edison!!

Lou Sang with family members of the 'No.25' house

Delicious Food Yummy Yummy!!

Teh O Tarikkkkkkkkkkkk

Ahbooz gay mate (SH Chian) curang on him on Vday

Say hello to the taikorss

My Ex (roommate la,dun think bukan bukan) with his SilverStar

Can't imagine how bored i will be next Sem when they are not around anymore :(


jia hou said...

kesian one more sem...nvm u can find ur buddy at kl...nvm

angelinemiss said...

dont worry.. stil got me ma.. hoho~

mac said...

the 6th photo is the most romantic compared to the others..;)

ItchyHandseng said...

jia hou:wkaka wat buddy??nvm la u taking masters here also ma:P can find u

coursemate:u lousy coursemate mar!!here or not no difference wkaka:P:P JS jk