Sunday, January 6, 2008

KL why must u Suck so MUCH

1)First moment i reach kl,he already greet me with his famous 'Traffic Jam'
2)Then reach my Aunts house,found out that Modem kena struck by Kl'zzz Famous 'Lightning'
3)Then at night Kena raped by mosquitoes.I kekurangan darah d kay.Somebody pls donate me blood
4)When i finally decided to keep fit and go swim,u knoe wat happen?UM close the pool for renovation.WTF
5)Then i realised i forget to bring back my badminton racquet and also my pencil box


Wat else can go wrong?
P.S. looking forward to go bak in 2 weeks time


Anonymous said...

Rough start means smooth sailin' later!

Anonymous said...

hahah..raped by mosquitoes..gang rape

-angchoonseong..i lazy to sign in

ItchyHandseng said...

wakak boontai :P
hopefully la