Wednesday, January 2, 2008

A Changed Man

Was too busy,blogging about wat i do on New Years eve yesterday and forgot about my New Year Resolution.So i'm going to blog about it today.
Itchyz New Years Resolution
1)Dawson had challenge me to DIET and be FIT in 6 months time-KL friends,better help me out in this,badminton and swimming everyweek?:P
2)Master my PIANO and FLUTE skills-have been negleting them especially for piano
3)Score well in my Uni examz no matter how much i hated the subject :P
4)Make a TIMETABLE for myself and follow it STRICTLY-i think this is the toughest.
5)To improve on my PEOPLE SKILL
6)The sixth and final 1 will be a SECRET - dun even DARE try to ask wat it is :P:P


carmen said...

#4 I also want to accomplish weh.. so hard kay...


miChi3 said...

I want all except the 2nd one.
eh, what's the sixth resolution ha?

ItchyHandseng said...

carmen:jia you lor hehe

michie:If i tell u,i would have to kill u ;P