Monday, January 2, 2012

New Years Eve's Eve

Hi Guys, Happy New Year!!
It's the time of the year where you look into the past to reflect on the good things that happen and what needs more attention and improvement throughout the year.

Unfortunately, unlike previous years,i've so little records of my life in my blog for the year 2011. Thanks to my laziness.Which then make me to decide i should start to blog actively again.(Hopefully this will last )

New Years Eve's Eve

Don't know how the idea of a steamboat came out when we only decide to go to Mamak for dinner.
Nevertheless , It turns out to be delicious with Boss Sieh Siew Kim Tom Yam Soup Recipe.
Went to Giant right after work (supposedly sharp 6 but.......) to grab all the staff we need and also not to forget our all time fav Chatime .

The rest will be self explainable by the pictures below.

Had a wonderful new year eve's eve Dinner and a wonderful time with this bunch of crazy colleagues xP

P.S I've lose 10 cents on the RAMI game x(

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