Thursday, December 4, 2008

My New Wife (Sony Ericsson C902)

My Mom baught me a new toy yesterday.
Had been longing for a new phone for quite sometime since my old nokia 3230 giving me so much problems.
Tadaaaaaa,my new wife SE C902.Sexy marrr??
Spend my whole day exploring and experimenting my new wife.
Itz a cool phone with quite a number of cool application to play with.
Love it alot.
(At least now i got something to teman me while my dardar is away in kl =[ )

Check out the specs HERE if you're interested to knoe more about this phone.


Adelene said...

Hwahh newww phone..
I wanna play??
Anyways mummy not here to tema you you still got onee cutttteee dotter here maaa.
I wanna go outtttt.Wheeee

Anonymous said...

wow... new hp!!

[ jN ] said...

your new phone sexayyyy~ x]

ItchyHandseng said...

Adelete:Only your mom cute la,You not cute wkakaka

Weilian:Haha Yeapz.How are u?Haven't see u for awhile

Darl:Jealous anot??

Anonymous said...

been playing around. hahaha. ya.. long time no see.. =)