Saturday, July 19, 2008

ItchyBOX: Lost

My new songgg :):):)
There will be no lyrics or description for the song this time.
I'll just let the song speak for itself....
(Comments and Critics will be very much appreciated)


Anonymous said...

nice ^ ^

[ jN ] said...

like that ony arr..?
thought how nice.. tsktsk..

joking lerr..
kinda nice.. =]
when wanna buy grand piano..?
get from me okay..? LOL said...

Haha!It;s nice la...
Tell you nice already summore you dont wanna believe.
Panda so smart*kononnya*
Was in schoool when I was replying you......

ItchyHandseng said...

weilian:Hahah thankssssssss

[jN]: I knoe my song not nice la:P
haha u grand piano dealer ar??? wkka Give me for free la :)

adelene: because u're unbelievable mah:P:P.Ishh trying to say i'm stupid itzzit.DILARANG MENCUBIT DALAM BLOG INI *pls read and obey the sign* :P

-悦音- said...

nice man... i can sense that you have a good musical sense. Wanna gap band? I am finding band mate...

For this song ya, I think u can do better on the sustain control part. Maybe is the bad recording device. Ur skills are good wut...

My 2Cents :)