Thursday, June 26, 2008

Ah Quanz Farewellll!!!

1 of my good,good-er,good-est friend (Ah Quan) going to leave for Australia this friday.So yesterday the 'five minus one' (Dr babiyun cannot come back in time=.=) had their last outing together.Arghhh 1 by 1 they are leaving,soon itzz going to be 'five minus two'.Kayy enough talking.

This show is worth a watch.Very Farneeee.
Triedd this BBQ steamboat restaurent.Too lazy to organize our anually BBQ d :P:P
Porridge and tomyam Souppp!!!
Ang Quan and DoggysonChew Chen and Ang Quan
Blur Blur Wong YewWent to Sunset bistro and spend the rest of the night/morning playing chor tai tee and bluff.Grandpa with grandaughther? wakaka
Nahhh Stefan with his moJOJOJO

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